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Travelling with confidence!

When you travel, you need to be able to rely on your equipment. Especially when it comes to safety while driving. We therefore want you not to have to make any choices or concessions when putting together your Alpenkreuzer trailer tent.

 To secure your safety, our tent trailers are always equipped with: a braked AL-KO chassis, shock absorbers and a spare wheel. And for extra stability and comfort, four strong corner steadies.

Our trailers can be loaded up to 750 kg and can be easily towed by electric vehicles as well. Making it to go-to-solution for camping in today’s world.

Picture braked Al-Ko.

Braked AL-KO chassis
Alpenkreuzer trailers are fitted with an AL-KO braked chassis for that extra safety on the road.

Alpenkreuzer shock absorbers image.

A comfortable ride is also guaranteed, as Alpenkreuzer equips all its trailer tents with hydraulic shock absorbers as standard.

Alpenkreuzer steadies image.

4 sturdy steadies
The four strong corner steadies ensure a stable trailer and thus a firm and well-levelled bed.

Alpenkreuzer spare wheel image.

Spare wheel
A spare wheel is part of Alpenkreuzer’s standard equipment. After all, nobody likes the idea of not being able to move on when something happens to one of your trailer wheels. It is conveniently placed on the underside of the trailer tent, so that it is freely accessible and with this 13″ spare wheel you are back on the road in no time.

Alpenkreuzer Jaeger-plug image.

The Alpenkreuzer trailer tent is fitted with an 8-pin Jaeger plug as standard. The Jaeger plug is not interchangeable with other plugs. This, originally German connection, has become the new “standard” for cars, caravans and tent trailers/folding trailers (DIN standard). At connecting, you turn the casing of the plug a quarter of a turn (bayonet connection), ensuring the plug is firmly in place.