Alpenkreuzer 65 years

A history to be proud of

Alpenkreuzer, an iconic name in the world of trailer tents, is celebrating its 65th anniversary this year. Since its establishment in 1958, Alpenkreuzer has provided countless adventurers around the world with high-quality trailer tents.

With our innovative designs and uncompromising attention to quality and comfort, it is no surprise that Alpenkreuzer is a sought-after trailer tent among camping enthusiasts. This anniversary is a milestone in our rich history and we look forward to providing campers with adventures for many more years to come.

The beginning
The start of Alpenkreuzer
Old Logo Alpenkreuzer

Alpenkreuzer entered the market in 1958. The folding trailer was a smart and affordable response to the increased prosperity in the Netherlands.

The country rebounded after the war and society felt a need for outdoor recreation.

Late 1950s
Acquisition E.K.S.
Alpenkreuzer 50s previous model.
After acquiring Alpenkreuzer, E.K.S. ensures a huge growth of the brand in the Netherlands

A foundation is laid for a completely new form of camping - the tent trailer.

Although more and more brands have entered the market over the years, Alpenkreuzer remains not only a brand name, but also a synonim for tent trailers.

The 1960s
Two new variants
ANWB Alpenkreuzer examination.
In the early years, the model range is modest, there are two variants: the Junior and the Senior

The trailers differ mainly in the size of the bed.

A regular feature of the tent trailers is the roadside kitchen. At that time, it was quite common to recreate along the motorway; the term roadside kitchen originated here.

The 1970s
Reliability, but not innovation
Alpenkreuzer 70s camping tenttrailer.
East German manufacturers are mostly known for solid products rather than innovation

Consequently, Alpenkreuzer remains the same for a long time, though the wagon is modified in detail.

However, the use of aluminium for the wagon body is very progressive.

The 1980s
Seven models
Alpenkreuzer 80s previous model.

With around 4,000 trailer tents sold per year, Alpenkreuzer’s Dutch success is huge, but to maintain this, it takes more than quiet evolution to stay ahead of the competition.

The range of products grows considerably: in the mid-80s, Alpenkreuzer buyers have a choice of seven models!

The 1990s
Start Alpenkreuzer GmbH
Alpenkreuzer 90s previous model picture.
The Soviet empire wobbles and eventually falls. Everything that refers to the ‘red era’ is banned

Yet Alpenkreuzer manages to survive, partly because of the huge success E.K.S. also achieves abroad.

For a successful continuation, E.K.S. opens a German branch, Alpenkreuzer GmbH.

The '00s
The end is near
Alpenkreuzer 00s previous model instructions manual.
The holiday preference of the Dutch is changing significantly, camping is no longer the obvious holiday choice for families

Although Alpenkreuzers are still a rock-solid product, the popularity of tent trailers is steadily declining.

In 2006, E.K.S. had to throw in the towel. After half a century, Alpenkreuzer seems definitely a thing of the past.

Late '00s
Consumers are changing
Alpenkreuzer 00s previous model picture.
From 2008, the Netherlands is going through a difficult period, with a strong focus on individual holiday needs

This affects holiday spending. Families start paying attention to costs, with camping coming back into the picture.

This reinforces the need for outdoor recreation. The Netherlands is rediscovering back-to-basics camping with a touch of comfort and with it the trailer tent.

The '10s
Acquisition Sunshine Group
Alpenkreuzer years 10 previous model.
Camping is definitely back

Interest in affordable camping equipment is increasing.

Sunshine Group with some strong leisure brands, including Doréma Recreation with its own production facilities in Slovenia, sees growth opportunities for the tent trailer market and decides to revive Alpenkreuzer.

Alpenkreuzer’s comeback
Alpenkreuzer nature on the road.
January 2017 the time has come: Alpenkreuzer is back

The name still proves abiding, as the public responds enthusiastically.

Even before production of the new models start at Doréma’s own factory in Slovenia, the first orders have already been written.
The beginning of new glory days!

Alpenkreuzer current models OpenAir, Waterfront, Campfire.
This year we celebrate our 65th anniversary

With three new models, the OpenAir, Campfire and the Waterfront on the market, Alpenkreuzer is going strong.

We look forward to an adventurous, innovative future with comfortable camping fun for all.