Trendsetting. Adventurous.

Alpenkreuzer has been the reference for adventurous, comfortable & flexible camping for years! Since the introduction of the first Alpenkreuzer trailer tents in 1958, we have always been committed to making comfortable & flexible camping accessible to everyone.

Now, 65 years later, we at Alpenkreuzer continue to innovate and improve, which is reflected in our current line of tent trailers. The models are distinctive and now emphasise adventure, freedom and space even more. All based on the natural elements: water, air & fire. Elements that fit nicely with the feel, design and functionalities of our models. All elements come together here to become one with nature for many years to come!

Tent trailers are the ideal solution for camping. The trailers have ample storage space of 1000 litres and can easily be towed by an electric car. Due to its low weight and hardly any drag, your milage will hardly diminish. Getting you, to where you want to go camping.

Icon OpenAir.


The element air represents oxygen, space, freedom. Necessary to get away from the experience of everyday life.

Waterfront icon


The element water symbolises life, refreshment, flow. Water has a refreshing effect on people and represents flowing movement. And, of course, water stands for fun and activity!

Icon Campfire.


The element fire symbolises warmth, light and energy. Fire creates tension and movement and evokes new life. Fire also provides security and a warm homecoming.