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The set-up times of our models are as follows: Waterfront: 20 minutes (Annex 5-10 minutes), OpenAir: 30 minutes (Annex 15 minutes), Campfire: 40 minutes. We assume here that it is not your first time putting up the trailer tent.

Thanks to our 100% cotton canvas, you will have a well-ventilated tent. In addition, there are additional ventilation options at the front and rear of each tent trailer.

Our tent canvas is made of 100% cotton 300g/m2 canvas from TenCate.

Yes. The tarpaulin of our trailer tents can be raised by about 25 cm, creating space to easily carry tables and chairs.

The tyre pressure of Alpenkreuzer trailers is optimal at 3 Bar.

The trailer tents can be loaded to 750 kg. How many kg can be loaded depends on the basic weight. For the Campfire this is 415kg, the Waterfront is 340kg and the OpenAir comes to 350kg.

The tub canvas of the tent trailers is not a component of structural importance. That means you can leave it out without any problems. This can be handy when you go for 1 overnight stay, for example.

No, these are easy to take apart and put together using the mounting clips.

To go on holiday safely, the Alpenkreuzer should undergo Bovag maintenance once every two years or every 10,000 km. Regular maintenance or at least checking the condition of vital parts (including brakes, axle and tyres) is very important for road safety. It is best to have a service carried out by your Alpenkreuzer dealer. After approval, the folding trailer is provided with a Bovag sticker and Bovag inspection report.

Loading the tent trailer is very easy with the Easy-to-Store System (E2S). This allows you to access the luggage compartment without unfolding the tent trailer and without getting the tent canvas wet.

The Alpenkreuzer folding trailer is equipped with an 8-pin Jaeger plug as standard. The Jaeger plug is not interchangeable with other plugs. See the user manual for more information.

You can get the Tempo 100 exemption after an inspection by DEKRA or TÜV NORD. The combination must meet a number of requirements. After approval, you will be sent the Tempo 100 sticker at home, which you stick on the tent trailer. Of course, the exemption applies only to German motorways and is not valid in other European countries.

Trailer inspection papers (homologation papers) can be reordered if they are lost. These have to be requested from the government and there are costs involved. We can only request the documents of trailer tents produced from 2018 onwards. Of anything made before that, we unfortunately cannot be of any significance.

Make sure the tent canvas is thoroughly dry before taking the trailer tent to storage. Should the trailer tent, at the end of your holiday, unexpectedly be packed wet, it is important that you unfold the trailer tent again within 24 hours and allow it to dry thoroughly.

Let resin stains harden sufficiently first. If the resin has hardened sufficiently, it can be easily pulverised. Residues can be removed very carefully with a spoon, being careful not to damage the tent fabric.

Cover butter, gravy or oil stains as quickly as possible with kitchen paper. Any residue can be removed later using an iron (lowest setting) and kitchen paper. Place the paper on the affected area and heat the paper with the iron so that the grease stain is absorbed by the paper.

There is actually no uniform method for cleaning this type of stain. It is best to scrape or wipe the remains off the tent fabric as quickly as possible. Then use a brush and leave the remaining stains. Normally, the remains will disappear by themselves in time.

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