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Trendsetting. Adventurous.

Alpenkreuzer, the reference for adventurous, comfortable & flexible camping for years, is introducing a unique and new series of models! The series consists of a number of folding trailers that make comfortable & flexible camping accessible to everyone.

More than 60 years after the introduction of our first folding trailer, we at Alpenkreuzer continue to innovate and start a model offensive for the holiday season 2021. The 3 new and distinctive models now emphasize the adventure, freedom and spatial aspect even more, all from natural elements: earth, water, air & fire. Elements that fit nicely with the feel, design and functionalities of our new models: we’ve got all the elements right!

FIRE (fire)

The element of fire symbolizes heat, light and energy. Fire gives tension and movement and evokes new impetus. You will find exactly that in our new Campfire model. This model combines comfort and adventure and is suitable for families or friends who want to get out and experience an adventurous camping holiday. With the Campfire there is always a comfortable base camp to return to.

AIR (air)

The element air is oxygen, space, freedom. Necessary to disconnect from everyday life. This unique hybrid design with its open character and large windows allows you to discover nature in peace.

The OpenAir is aimed at those who want to explore the outdoors in peace. With a beautifully designed folding trailer, equipped with a hybrid-AIR frame, you really come closer to nature.

WATER (water)

The element of water symbolizes life, refreshment, flow. Water has a refreshing effect on people and this is reflected in the design of the Waterfront.

This model is very suitable for those who enjoy an active lifestyle and want to be able to expand the trailer tent to meet future needs (children / grandchildren).

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